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Vision and Mission of MESC

We envision a future where we have Cree speaking students who are academically successful, live a healthy lifestyle and are confident, resilient, know their history and culture.

Maskwacîs ECS – Gr 12 School Commission (MESC) will achieve the vision by enacting the following in the present.

  • Honouring and implementing the treaty right to education.
  • Working collaboratively to undertake educational initiatives for the benefit of Maskwacîs.
  • Following the guiding principle of Wahkotowin (kinship and
    relationships) byacknowledging that all Maskwacîsak are related and connected to each other and reside on traditional Maskwacîs territory.
  • Actively exploring and managing the potential transition to one Maskwacîs school authority.
  • Continually developing, implementing, evaluating and updating of the MESC strategic & operational plans.

MESC Board

Allison Adams-Bull

MESC Board Member

Louis Bull Band Administrator

I am a proud member of the Louis Bull Tribe, I reside in my community and serve as the Band Administrator for my Tribe. I was honoured to be asked by Chief Irvin Bull to be part of the MESC board, to learn and become directly involved in the education system in Maskwacis. MESC, to me, means an opportunity to enhance the education system within Maskwacis. To give our children educational services they deserve and an education that not only meets but exceeds provincial standards.

Education is our road to success and sustainability in our communities. Ensuring each child has the opportunity to succeed in school, so that they have that same opportunity to succeed later in life. Education gives us the ability to provide for ourselves. The more people we have in Maskwacis that become lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and such; the more we build our Nations.

MESC has brought all the Maskwacis Nations together to work towards developing one authority for the benefit for all Maskwacis schools. The benefits of developing one authority are improved resources and services, which in turn will increase student numbers in each school, especially our smaller schools.

John Lazar Nepoose

MESC Board Elder

Independant Contractor

I’m from the Samson Cree Nation, born and raised and still live here. I’m a self employed contractor, mainly in the area of residential development. Education is a treaty right and must be protected and exercised for the benefit of our children and future generations, for that reason I am passionate about my involvement with the Board. By exercising our treaty right in education, we are investing in our most natural resource, our children. The work of MESC focuses on the ability education gives our children to determine their destiny.

If MESC is approved I am looking forward to a composite High School to offer students a better vision for their future.

Councillor Nina Karolin Makinaw

MESC Board Chairman

Ermineskin Cree Nation Councillor

I reside on the Ermineskin Cree Nation and serve as a Councillor for the Nation. My professional background is working in the Health and Wellness field. In my spare time, I attend cultural activities and promote awareness of the Cree language and culture. I also volunteer working for the youth of the Nation at various capacities. Prior to the Maskwacis Cree motion to conduct research on behalf of the Maskwacis Cree, I was a board member of the Maskwacis Education School Committee. MESC is a local initiative and Maskwacis Cree has the capacity to fulfill the mandate.

MESC means to me that every child will have the same opportunity to a Cree based education system and not to be left behind. Investing in education is so important because I believe the children of Maskwacis deserve the best quality of education and that they should not have to leave Maskwacis to achieve this. If MESC is approved I expect to see parity amongst the 11 schools and the sharing of resources within the Authority that will benefit the children of Maskwacis.

Chief Irvin Bull

MESC Founding Board Member

Louis Bull Tribe, Kisipatnahk, Chief

I proudly serve as the Louis Bull Tribe, Kisipatnahk, Chief. To me MESC is creating a unified Education program for the Maskwaci inewahk, taking the Caucasian boundaries out of education and focusing on Wahkotowin kakehtahkik kitawasimsinawahk. Investing in Maskwacis education is so important to break down the barriers and eventually establish our own curriculum enhancing our Language and Cultural programs. If MESC is approved we would have the ability to enhance our Cree Language and curriculum to be in par with rest of Alberta.

Chief Darrell Strongman

MESC Founding Board Member

Montana First Nation Chief

Councillor Bradley Rabbit

MESC Board Member

Montana First Nation Councillor

I am from the Montana First Nation and I reside on the Montana First Nation. I’m currently an elected Councillor of the Nation. When I’m not working with MESC, I’m dealing with the day to day challenges of being a First Nation leader. My time away from the office is spending time with my children and grandchildren and participating in ceremony around the Maskwacis Community.

I came to MESC with the desire of securing more funding resources for my Nation’s community school system. As a small nation we have capacity and funding challenges which negatively impact the quality of education for our children. I have a special needs grandson that required more one on one teaching, our school was challenged with not having enough resources to focus with his handicap. MESC will provide a good quality education for our Children and close the gap for funding challenges that we currently face. Our children deserve the same quality of education as all Canadians. We need the proper funding resources to be able to achieve this. Maskwacis taking control of its own Education opens doors to filling capacity challenges and additional funding resources.

By taking control of our education system, Maskwacis will receive more funding and a better quality of education, more capacity, and better infrastructure, Our ability to retain our cultural and language will be enhanced. If we can develop our Children with good quality education systems, it lifts their spirit and morale, a healthy child leads to a healthy community.


Chief Randy Ermineskin

MESC Founding Board Member

Ermineskin Cree Nation Chief

Councillor Mario Swampy

MESC Board Vice Chairman

Samson Cree Nation Councillor

I am from the Samson Cree Nation, I live in Leduc and I am the chair of Education for Samson Cree Nation. When not working on the board I am involved in many other areas for the Nation and for Maskwacis but education is a major priority for me. Education is important for me and I am a huge supporter of it and because we have an opportunity to use our student numbers for leverage to increase the education dollars per student, I believe that is a great thing .

Education is an asset for all our people. MESC is valuable because it supports to each of the four Maskwacis Nations and their Treaty right to education and does not detract from each Nation’s rights. With amalgamation, I expect to see the quality of education improve and that the leverage we have collectively will strengthen our positions as Nations when meeting with INAC and the different levels of government.


Councillor James Bull

MESC Board Member

Louis Bull Tribe, Councillor

Councillor Marvin Yellowbird

MESC Board Member

Samson Cree Nation Councillor

Leanne Louis

MESC Board Member

Montana First Nation Personnel Manager

Tamara Wildcat

MESC Board Member

Miyo Wahkohtowin Education