Nehiyawatisiwin - Cree Way of Life
Learning Services Curriculum Branch

The MESC Learning Services Curriculum branch has been developing the Maskwacîs Early Learning Framework and the Maskwacîs Curriculum Guiding Framework.  The learning framework and Cree curriculum are unique to the Maskwacîs Education School’s Commission.These documents are reflective of MESC’s guiding principles: Wâhkôhtowin, Nehiyawewin, Nehiyaw pimâtisiwin,  yinîw mâmitonehicikin.

Ongoing consultations with Maskwacîs Elders have been ongoing since September 2018. Appropriate protocol was presented by the MESC Learning Services team in seeking the guidance and knowledge of our Elders, for the purpose of the development of the Maskwacîs Curriculum.

Elder Testimonials

“I am happy and grateful for the work you are all doing… our children need to be taught and understand what happens if we don’t continue on with our languages, traditions, and culture”  Kisi-kaw Ksayin – Gordon Lee

“I was born a Cree and I’ll always be one. . . I like what you’re doing with MESC and I am here to help however I can.”  Elder Alice Currie