Learning and Student Services

The Learning Services Branch provides support in the following areas to enhance teaching and learning:

  • Support the engagement and educational experience of students through the provision of programming and resources such as:
    • The Misatim Horsemanship recreational and life skills program designed to engage and empower students to develop confidence and resilience through a safe educational experience with horses
    • Land-based learning resources
  • Coordination of support for Nehiyawewin through the Nehiyawewin Resource Centre, including professional development for language instructors and programming for Maskwacîsak
  • Leadership and coordination of the Early Learning Programs across MESC
  • The development of a cohesive Maskwacîs Early Learning Program and Kindergarten to Grade 12 Curriculum based on MESC foundational values of Îyinîw Mâmitonehicikan, Nehiyaw Pimâtisiwin, Nehiyawewin, and Wâhkôhtowin

Technology branch (IT) led by the Director of Technology, Shawn Wittal, will provide tools and training to support the innovative use of technology in student centered learning environments for Cree, core, and supplemental instruction. IT will maintain accurate data systems to facilitate efficient reporting, and evidence based decision making. IT will maintain hardware, software, and a robust network infrastructure to support all learning and business activities.

Student Services

MESC is committed to fostering Îyinîw Mâmtohnehcikan and Nehiyaw Pimâtisôwin as we provide safe and collaborative environments conducive to the diversity of all students and inclusive of specialized learning and personal wellness needs. The Student Services department provides support to students, families, and staff in the following areas:

  • Inclusive Learning
  • Medical Student Support
  • Counselling Services
  • Student Wellness
  • Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Crisis Response

MESC provides support in the following ways, which are approached from a Nehiyawatisiwin perspective:

  • School-based personnel
  • Central office support including school-assigned Inclusive Services Coordinators as well as a Student and Family Support Worker
  • Partnerships with consultants, including:
    • Speech & Language Services 
    • Occupational Therapy Services
    • Physical Therapy Services
    • Medical Support Services
    • Low Incidence Services
    • Educational Psychological Services 
    • Behavioural Services

Contact Information:

Tracy Sylvester
Associate Superintendent
P: 780-585-3333
E: tracysylvester@maskwacised.ca

Eileen Marthiensen
Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
P: 780-585-3243

Carla Badger
Curriculum Coordinator
P: 780-585-3333
E: carlabadger@maskwacised.ca

Ida Bull
Nehiyawewin and Syllabics Advisor
P: 780-585-3333
E: idabull@maskwacised.ca

Dianne Crane
Coordinator of Resource Development
P: 780-585-3243
E: diannecrane@maskwacised.ca

Patricia Johnson
Nehiyawewin Advisor
P: 780-585-3333
E: patriciajohnson@maskwacised.ca

Kelci Lightning
District Library Technician
P: 780-585-2759
E: kelcilightning@maskwacised.ca

Danny Makinaw
Nehiyawatisiwin Advisor
P: 780-585-2759
E: danielmakinaw@maskwacised.ca

Rose Makinaw
Nehiyaw Advisor
P: 780-585-2879
E: rosemakinaw@maskwacised.ca

Audrey Morin
Administrative Assistant
P: 780-585-2879
E: audreymorin@maskwacised.ca

Carrie Okemaw
Technology Integration Coach
P: 780-585-3333
E: carrieokemaw@maskwacised.ca

Warren Omeasoo
Misatim Horsemanship Program Advisor
P: 780-585-2759
E: warrenomeasoo@maskwacised.ca

Jolene Rain
Resource Coordinator
P: 780-585-2759
E: jolenerain@maskwacised.ca

Alison Robles
Nehiyaw Resource Developer
P: 780-585-2759
E: alisonrobles@maskwacised.ca

Shawn Wittal
Director of Education Technology
P: 780-585-3243
E: shawnwittal@maskwacised.ca

Wendy Solland
Director of Academic Success
P: 780-585-3243
E: wendysolland@maskwacised.ca

Candace Swampy
Coordinator of Student Information Systems
P: 780-585-3243
E:  candaceswampy@maskwacised.ca

Amy Johnson
Director of Counselling and Student Wellness
P: 780-585-3243
E: amyjohnson@maskwacised.ca

Heather Littlechild
Coordinator of Inclusive Services
P: 780-585-3243
E: heatherlittlechild@maskwacised.ca

Jody Rehman
Coordinator of Inclusive Services
P: 780-585-3243
E: jodyrehman@maskwacised.ca

Trina Ertman
Coordinator of Inclusive Services
P: 780-585-3243
E: trinaertman@maskwacised.ca

Henderson Best
Student Support Worker
P: 780-585-3243
E: hendersonbest@maskwacised.ca

Tweela Nepoose
Administrative Assistant
P: 780-585-3333
E: tweelanepoose@maskwacised.ca