MESC recently conducted a contest where community members were asked, “What does Maskwacîs education mean to you?”

Here is what they had to say!

“Nehiyawak teaching their own, as it should be. And collaboration, we are always stronger together. Unity, and working together for the education and advancement our awasisak.”

“Education is key in my family. I feel that so strongly about have MESC schooling in Maskwacis what better way to show are child /children the culture and speaking Cree and giving employment opportunity to the to community. there’s so much love in the schools it’s like one family standing strong what education means to me is a better future for our children and future grandchildren keeping the Cree language alive.”

“It was great to hear that the Four Nations have decided to amalgamate the boards into one strong board! Maskwacis education has to be priority for everyone from the students right DOWN to the board that will be appointed, hopefully by a process of application including resume showing the applicant’s qualifications, skills and experience to make decisions for the school community. Wishing to win the wrist bands for my nosims!”

“Maskwacis Education means a brighter future for our communities.”

“The learning and preservation of the Cree language.”

“It symbolizes the concept of what the word community means, which is working together to generate new ideas to live , to employ and move forth a fast growing economy, our youth is based on Maskwacis education.”

“It’s awesome that were working together now United as one education opens all kind of doors for our community education to me means Utilize the Indigenous knowledge and philosophy to support the preservation and revitalization of Cree language, culture, Cree natural laws and protocols teaching are kids are ways of life and there is no better way then are own.”

“Maskwacîs Education means using this opportunity to network and find the answers with each other, as we rebuild ourselves, our families, our communities and our systems using our Cree language and the incredible.”

“To me it’s means I can have a brighter and better future, being able to put that diploma on the wall and say I did that. Education is very important when u have goals in life.”

“To me education is the gateway to success. Success can be achieved when people have knowledge, skills and attitude. All these things can be gained only with the help of education. I believe that education is the only way which shows us many ways to lead and utilize our life properly. No person in the world with education is neglected.”

“Maskwacis education this means education for all are people in our own land. Our hometown myself went to Samson now my 4 children turn to attend school close to home we’re we grow with our classes and teachers and students who will be there as we grow.”