Inclement Weather

MESC is responsible for ensuring that each of its students is provided with an education. Therefore, schools shall remain open to students during the times and dates established on the school calendar.

112 Inclement Weather

Parents/Guardians please take note

If concerned about child safety during inclement weather, we understand and respect the parent/guardian choice to keep their children at home. Parents/Guardians may deem weather or road conditions to be detrimental to the safety or well-being of their children. If parents/guardians do exercise this option, please inform the school on that day, as per regular absence procedures.

In the event of bus cancellations, parents/guardians who drive their children to school will be required to make the necessary arrangements for the safe return home of their children at the end of the school day.

During the winter months, parents/guardians should ensure that students are dressed appropriately while traveling to and from school whether riding the bus or walking.