Central Services

The MESC Central Service Branch supports MESC facilities, technology and the Universal Foods Program. Further Central Services is responsible for Internal and External MESC Transportation


Facilities encompasses the structural readiness, operations and maintenance, capital infrastructure and custodial services for all MESC buildings. Facilities is led by the Director of Facilities, Julia Burrill. Central Services will ensure that all facilities are conducive to learning, functional and meet current health and safety standards.


Technology branch (IT) led by the Director of Technology, Shawn Wittal, will provide tools and training to support the innovative use of technology in student centered learning environments for Cree, core, and supplemental instruction. IT will maintain accurate data systems to facilitate efficient reporting, and evidence based decision making. IT will maintain hardware, software, and a robust network infrastructure to support all learning and business activities.

Nanâtohk Mîciwin - Universal School Foods Strategy

Nanâtohk Mîciwin (Universal School Foods Strategy) led by the Director of Universal School Foods, Scott Hall, will be Student centered and student led. Planning, preparation and service of a Nanâtohk Mîciwin (Universal School Foods Strategy) will meet all the nutritional needs of students from K-12 while providing students with an opportunity to earn credits in foods and work experience. The Universal School Foods Strategy will provide the food and menus and delivery service to all MESC schools.

Contact Information:

Kevin Wells
Associate Superintendent of Central Services
Ph: 780-585-3333
E: kevinwells@maskwacised.ca