Corporate Services

The MESC Corporate Services branch supports the Student Success and Information Department, Academic Success, Facilities and Grounds Department, Transportation and IT. The Corporate Services branch is responsible the following:

  • Administrative Procedures
  • All legal matters
  • Liaison with Alberta Education
  • Records Management
  • Strategic Planning and Reporting
  • Assessment and performance measures development and implementation
  • Student Information Systems
  • PASI
  • Student Transportation
  • School Program Declaration
  • Nominal Roll
  • Information Technology
  • Facilities and Grounds
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Custodial Services
Contact Information

Randy Risto
Associate Superintendent
P: 780-585-3333

Clainia Potts
Corporate Services Executive Assistant
P: 780-585-3333

Candace Swampy
Coordinator of Student Information Systems
P: 780-585-3243

Craig Makokis
Coordinator of Transportation
P: 780-585-3333

Vince Wildcat
Supervisor of Operations and Maintenance
P: 780-585-3196