Bus Status

The Maskwacîs Kiskinwahamâto Pôsowin (school bus) app will help parents, grandparents and guardians follow their student’s bus route – and stay up-to-date on any school bus delays or cancellations.

With the app, you can now check in on the status of your bus for morning pick-ups and afternoon drop-offs with the touch of a button.

Bus statuses will be displayed in one of three states on the app (and website):

katakopayô – On Time

namayô katakopayô – Delayed

namôya pimpayiwak – Cancelled

For more information, please contact Maskwacis Transport: 780-585-2424 or 403-783-5275

To use the app on your mobile device:

1. Download the Bus Status app at the App Store or on Google Play

2. Open the app and select Maskwacîs Education Schools Commission from the list.

3. Go to All Buses. Tap the star to add a bus to My Buses.

4. You’ll receive a notification when one of your buses is namayô katakopayô (delayed) or namôya pimpayiwak (cancelled).

5. Tap the bell icon to see general Notifications.

Inclement Weather

MESC is responsible for ensuring that each of its students is provided with an education. Therefore, schools shall remain open to students during the times and dates established by the Board.

Read more here: Inclement Weather (pdf)