Nurturing Engagement in Learning Through Indigenous Pedagogy

Presenters: Dr. Sharla Peltier

Indigenous peoples’ ancient and holistic ways of knowing, being, doing, and feeling are touchstones to support timely transformative processes in education and Canadian society. This presentation is based on educational research with applications to Indigenous ways of coming to know. A culture based pedagogical approach with oral tradition at the center brings aspects of language, culture, thought, experience, and storying together. Participants will explore relational ways of being and participate in a short, guided experience outside to re-connect and nurture relationship with Aki/Land. A story Circle will provide participants with opportunities to share their Truth from experience and to journey inward to deep knowing through listening and reflection.  A collective process of living knowledge that is relational and brings heart and mind knowledge forward will inspire educators to nurture their relationship with Aki and guide their students to the Earth Teaching Lodge.

*Part of this session will be outdoors, please bring any outdoor clothing you require.


Extended Breakout Session 3: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Room: EJSH 115