Utilizing Traditional Ecological Knowledge Information Management Systems as a Tool of Cultural Resurgence

Presenters: Kyra Northwest

Through Indigenous Partnerships Samson Cree Nation (SCN) developed a Cultural and Ecological Information Management System (SCNCEIMS) that is currently being used to house and manage important cultural and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK). In the past, most TEK and cultural information was managed by third party consultants and not SCN. By taking ownership of our own information, SCN utilized their sovereignty and now determines how, when and why their cultural or TEK information will be used. The system we utilize manages SCN’s Traditional Land Use data with Industrial Development (Pipelines, Coal, Transmission, etc.) management. It also creates a safe area to store and preserve our Traditional Information, which ensures continual cultural transmission well into the future. The system also helps the Nation reconnect to the land, as we are able to map out traditionally used areas, plants, animals, etc within our Traditional Territory with Elders, Monitors and Youth. Our office ensures that we utilize nehiyawewin in the recording of all information through Cree translation and audio recordings. The system we have created with our partners has unlimited potential and is a great example of Indigenous ownership of data, Treaty Protection, consultation, reconnection with the land, and mitigation of adverse impacts.


Breakout Session 3: 1:30pm – 2:45pm
Room: EES 202