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Coordinator of Integrated Services


Location: Student Services

Competition #: 17541

Open To: External

Date Posted: May 8th, 2024

Closing Date: May 22nd, 2024 - 4:00pm

Job Start Date: August 26th, 2024

Compensation Rate:


Hours Per Week:

40 hours plus overtime as required.

Additional Information:

The Coordinator of Integrated Services is responsible for coordinating partnerships and responses of various service agencies internal or external that focus on student wellness, which includes supporting the implementation of Assessment of Risk to Others (ARTO) assessment procedures, crisis and traumatic event response,  restorative practices, and developing and maintaining connections with related agencies and supports in the community and province.  The Coordinator of Integrated Services consults with the Director of Student Services and other Student Services Coordinators in providing support to MESC staff to enhance an understanding of the mitigation of risk behaviors.


  1. Leadership of Threat/Risk Assessment and Crisis and/or Traumatic Event Response
    1. Assists the Director of Student Services, Administrators, and school counsellors and provides consultation regarding any crisis or traumatic event repsonse in the school authority. 
    2. Assists the Director of Student Services in organizing the support of community agency resources for crisis or trauma event response in consultation with the Director of Health and Wellness. 
    3. Assists the Director of Student Services and Associate Superintendent of Learning Services in the development and organization of a Maskwacis Community ARTO protocol
    4. Acts as the authority-designated contact for Assessment of Risk to Others (ARTO) Protocol implementation and High-Risk Assessment meetings, providing immediate and timely response to violent/threat risk situations in schools and organizing and facilitating ARTO and high-risk meetings.
    5. Co-lead with principals the organization of Assessment of Risk to Others  implementation and meetings, supporting the invitation and communication with appropriate outside agency representatives such as RCMP, MHS, CFS designates, Mobile Mental health, etc.
    6. Provides Assessment of Risk to Others and crisis/traumatic event follow-up, organizing and providing appropriate support, in collaboration with the Director of Student Services and other Student Services Coordinators and School Leadership
    7. Maintains accurate and timely records, and data.
    8. Is responsible for district-level data collection, analysis, reporting, and data visualization processes regarding ARTO. 
    9. Supports administration and school staff in planning, implementing, and responding to events through a trauma-informed lens, including facilitating the parent meeting alongside the school principal after the initial ARTO has been completed.
    10. Develops, facilitates, and supports professional development sessions and presentations for school staff on various approaches, strategies and techniques to support students within the school environment, specifically focusing on risk assessment and management.
    11. Leads the organization of all CTIP or ARTO training for MESC staff. In collaboration with other Student Services staff provides ARTO level 1 training for identified MESC staff and community partners in ARTO level 1 protocols. 
    12. Maintains a high level of knowledge regarding current and developing best practices in the field of assessing and managing risk of harm and creating a safe school culture.
    13. Fosters relationships and builds partnerships with community elders, cultural advisors, and community supports (hospitals and clinics, medical professionals, mental health and addictions, community agencies, LGTBQ+, RCMP School Resource Officers, etc.).
    14. Lead multi-disciplinary team meetings as needed for student support in relation to ARTO, worrisome behaviors or safety planning. 
    15. Assists in increasing awareness and use of Restorative Practices within ARTO intervention plans.
    16. Support the use of genograms in understanding context creating supports for students involved in ARTO.
    17. Assist schools in accessing others Student Services staff, community agencies and Elders in use of restorative practices and circles in response to ARTO meetings.
    18. Models calmness in times of crisis.
  2. Integrated Service Coordination
    1. Assist Director of Student Services in developing, formalizing and maintaining partnership agreements with Family and Children support agencies in all four nations.  
    2. Directly refer, liaise and provide consultation with student services and  school administration, parents, and community agencies as required.
    3. Respond to emergency, traumatic event or crises in order to assist in coordinating responses with outside agencies.
    4. Ensures that MESC has an understanding of the continuum of preventive, developmental, remedial and intervention services available in the community.
    5. Works collaboratively with local service agencies such as Mobile Mental Health, Children Protection agencies and other medical professionals to align MESC procedures and processes for communication around student caseloads that may overlap.
    6. Assist the Director of Student Services with the development of Maskwacis Success in Schools protocol with local Child Protection agencies.
    7. Assist the Director of Student Services and other Student Services Coordinators with current provincial standards and reporting around Success in School Protocols.
    8. Develop relationships, referral processes and communication pathways with local treatment facilities.
    9. Maintain regular communication processes with local Child Protection Services around common caseloads in support of student wellbeing.
    10. Assist School Staff in understanding duty to report, and various supportive responsibilities and opportunities to work with local Child Protection Services.
  3. Additional Responsibilities
    1. Works closely with Student Services staff to ensure the vision and mission of MESC is realized within the school communities.
    2. Provides regular updates to the Director of Student Services on all areas of responsibility.
    3. Provides thorough and timely data and information as requested.
    4. Models and promotes continuous learning experiences through reflection, conversation, and practice.
    5. Willing to engage in lifelong learning for professional development, training, in-services and courses of study.
    6. Demonstrates strong problem-solving and coping skills, and is competent and flexible in intervention strategies. 
    7. Prioritizes and organizes their schedule, in consultation with the Director of Student Services.
    8. Ensures that all personal registrations and certifications are valid and up-to-date.
    9. Works a flexible schedule which may include occasional evenings and weekends to ensure that all crises and requests for support are addressed.
    10. Attends HUB as requested. 
    11. Provide support in creating administrative procedures for Student Services, under the direction of the Director of Student Services. 
    12. Provide guidance, support, and mentorship to school principals and administrators in the areas of school discipline, restorative and trauma-informed practices, and school safety concerning the ARTO Protocol. 
    13. Performs other duties, related to student wellness and safety, assigned by the Director of Student Services.

Additional Role Considerations for a Job Posting:


  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree in Social Work or related Human Services field, including Education
  • Experience in working within the school environment, 
  • Level I and II VTRA Certification preferred, with mandatory experience participating in the ARTO/VTRA process.
  • In-depth knowledge of Child Protective Services and legislation
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of Maskwacis Community and agencies that service the community
  • Knowledge of emotional/behavioral disorders, special needs education, family violence, poverty, suicide prevention, addictions, bereavement and adolescent relationships.

Working Conditions

  • Interacts with students, family members, staff, community agencies, and personnel under all circumstances, which may include traumatic situations.
  • Travel is required.
  • Manual dexterity is required to use desktop computers and peripherals.
  • Overtime as required.
  • Intermittent physical activity including walking, standing, sitting, lifting and supporting students.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Clean criminal record check including vulnerable sector clearance.
  • Knowledge of the Cree culture and the traditions of the local First Nations communities.
  • Good numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Ability to work relationally with students with challenging behavior. 
  • Ability to relate well to children and adults.
  • Exemplary interpersonal skills – ability to listen and build consensus with internal and external stakeholders, and work effectively as part of a variety of teams.
  • Understanding of relevant policies, standards of practice, ethical codes, and relevant legislation.
  • Proven ability to organize, evaluate, communicate, and present information, both verbally and written.
  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality in all interactions.
  • First Aid qualification or skills preferred.

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