Nanâtohk Mîciwin

Nanâtohk Mîciwin - Universal School Foods Strategy

What We Do

Provide nutrient dense breakfast, lunch and two snacks per school day for all ten (10) MESC schools (K-12) located on The Four Nations of Maskwacîs (Ermineskin, Louis Bull, Montana, and Samson Cree Nations). The program is available to all students, based on the need to fulfill our duty to contribute to the health and well being of the Awasisak (students) while in our charge from the time they arrive at school until they leave the school.

By supplying a whole foods approach to meals we know we are providing the freshest and most nutrient dense foods to our students.  

Nanâtohk Mîciwin employs twenty five full time cooks in seven kitchens to service all ten schools. 

The program includes the participation of students alongside industry professionals in the preparation and service of meals and snacks for high school credit; incentifying career paths in the foodservice industry through education and hands-on experience. 
We have built and maintain strong relationships between Maskwacîs schools, local food producers and other community partners to better support the local food production community.

Nanâtohk Mîciwin maintains a central warehouse for receiving, storage and distribution of locally sourced and commodity foodstuffs to the school kitchens.

Benefits of Nanâtohk Mîciwin (USFS)

  • Healthy nutrient dense proteins, fruits and vegetables are available in abundance. 
  • 95% of Nanatohk Miciwin team are Indigenous peoples.
  • Approximately 25% of our staff are students that have participated in Nanatohk Miciwin and have returned to work with us in full time pensioned positions. 
  • We offer apprenticeship enrollment and support to our employees.
  • Schools play a unique role in creating healthy food environments for young people by sharing meals with their peers and school staff.  
  • Opportunity to experience Wahkohtowin the the spirit of kinship, and the blessings and prayers that come from the food gifted from mother earth as well as those who prepare it.
  • No offerings of unhealthy foods or beverages.
  • All marketing of branded unhealthy foods targeted at children and youth have been removed from the schools.
  • There are countless health benefits of healthier food choices at school and at home.
  • Food Security is not an issue in our schools today!