Circle of Elders

MESC Circle of Elders

The Circle of Elders is a selected group of ten Elders; five female and five male. The Circle of Elders is comprised of two Elders from each Maskwacîs Nation and two that reside in Pigeon Lake. Each Elder is appointed to the Circle by the Chief of their respective Nation. This group provides valuable advice and guidance to the MESC Board of Governors, the central administration and all MESC schools.


Iyiniw Mamtohnehicikan (Cree thinking) is the foundation of education for Maskwacîs people. Iyiniw Mamtohnehicikan is an all-encompassing way of seeing and understanding the world through the Cree perspective. Our language, ceremonies, values and understanding of good relationships all contribute to Iyiniw Mamtohnehicikan. Education systems that foster the Cree way of thinking are integral to pursuing self-determination as Indigenous peoples and ensuring the health and happiness of our people. Exercising control over the formal systems of education is how we will begin to revitalize and pass on Cree ways of thought.

MESC Circle of Elders Role

  • Provides advice to the Maskwacîs Education Schools Commission Board of Governors. 
  • Provide advice to each Maskwacîs Education Schools Commission Branch. 
  • Appoint two of their members, one male and one female, to sit on the MESC Board of Governors.
  • Ensure that their advice is being used in a culturally appropriate and respectful manner throughout MESC.

MESC Circle of Elders

  • Fran Ermineskin, Ermineskin Cree Nation female representative
  • Alfred Morin Sr., Ermineskin Cree Nation male representative
  • Helen Bull, Louis Bull Tribe female representative
  • Henry Raine, Louis Bull Tribe male representative
  • Sheila Potts, Montana First Nation female representative
  • Carl Rabbit, Montana First Nation male representative
  • Patricia Rain, Pigeon Lake female representative
  • (Vacant), Pigeon Lake male representative
  • Irene Omeasoo, Samson Cree Nation female representative
  • John Nepoose, Samson Cree Nation male representative